Welcome Kota Batuah~Pekanbaru :3

Malam ini aku menyapa kalian dari Kota batuah~Pekanbaru.
Its first time for me to go toSumatera Island :DD
So, i become so excited.
Like my friend said, Pekanbaru is a city with a lot of landmark.
Mosque, Gov Institution, and all, have special architecture.
Of course, with a unique touch, for example a Melayu carving.
And do u know? Pekanbaru has orange and yellow as their favourite colour.

InsyaAllah i will bring to you some picture too :)
And a of course a short story when i bscome an MC here~
(*so excited, it has been a long long long time didnt MC-ing)

Jya, let sleep now,
And see yo tomorrow :33


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