Just Got Married!


Its first time posting here after i got married, fu fu fu
Actually there is a lot of thing that i want to say, but unfortunately i dont have much time to write.
I just passed my 4 middle exam, and still have one at Thursday before this long weekend.

So, its my feeling after married.
1. Thanks to Allah for met me with him, Mr Sultoni. As my beloved qawwam. InsyaAllah. I hope we can reach Your bless bigger then before. We hope barokah for fulfill our half of dien.
2. Thanks for my parents who always pray more for me, so, I can passed this step with their love and support. Hope i can make them happy, till we meet again in jannah, aamiin. Reslly wanna be a great couple like you, Mom, Dad :3
3. Thanks to my mother and father in law, who always love, care and pray more too~ Thanks for become a great father and mother for my husband.
4. Thanks for ikhwah, friends, boss, everyone who being happy with this mitsaqon golidzo, and pray a lot for barokah marriage, Jazakumulloh khoir~
I hope so, u get more then I got because of ur kindness :)

Today is 16 days after that day.
And me, as a new wife, still learn a lot to become my husband's.
Everythin very exciting till today -hope forever-
Prepare breakfast or dinner.
Do housekeeping.
Arrange holiday.
Talking about the future~
And of course, adaptating (what a word)

A quote said that :
Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.  ~Barnett R. Brickner

Yeah, there is a lot of popular books said about that too.
No perfect mate, but we always trying~
If we want to be loved, we should loving first, arent we? 

So, this long long way just begun.
Bismillah, I hope everythin will be blessed by Allah, so, nothin will be lost.
We grow-grow-grow-grow up.
Become a family that we dreamed about ~ become Allah's family.
Like our prophet Ibrahim as had.
Like our prophet Muhammad saw had.
Aamiin ya Robbal'alamiin.


  1. barakallah kaka.. ;).. semoga menjadi keluarga samara.. lama tak berkunjung kesini dapat kabar bahagia di pagi hari..

  2. Aamiin, jazakillah Mba Khansa ~
    Hehe, alhamdulillah sudah sebulan berlalu :)


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